Des Moines

Library Spotlight: Storiella as She is Syung

Now through early March, an edition of Storiella as She is Syung by James Joyce will be on display in the Salisbury House Library. This edition is a part of the Weeks family’s book and document collection, and is one of 175 copies published in 1937 by Corvinus Press and printed on handmade mulberry paper. The paper has oxidized over the years, creating small dark spots throughout the book. This edition is bound in a bright, almost neon, orange vellum and housed in a custom box of the same color.


Carl and Edith Weeks: Book Smugglers?

The Library at Salisbury House contains an undeniably important collection of early 20th Century, English-language literature and manuscripts, providing yet another enduring testament to the high levels of critical foresight and refinement that Carl and Edith Weeks applied when making their various cultural acquisitions. Interestingly enough, the act of purchasing some of the most important books in the Library also likely involved Carl and Edith skirting the laws of the day, as the works of James Joyce, D.H. Lawrence, Sinclair Lewis, William Faulkner and many others were banned regionally, nationally or even internationally at the time of their publication.