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A History in Photos: The Weeks Family

The earliest version of the camera was invented during the 1700s. During the following centuries, it transformed from a rare, coveted product into a mass-produced object. Developments in the 1900s made it possible for even amateurs to take pictures, and now, it is an everyday practice. Carl and Edith Weeks (Carl born in 1876 and Edith born in 1882) lived during this time of lightning speed progress, and their 48-year marriage would capture numerous moments in film. We hope you enjoy this look at their family moments.

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It’s All In The Details – Doors of Salisbury

Carl and Edith Weeks were dedicated to creating an English manor home that not only looked old but was. Through working with dealers worldwide, the Weeks’ were able to acquire not only antique art and furniture, but entire historic rooms… down to the nails in the floorboards.

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Precisionism in the Collection of Carl and Edith Weeks: A Look at the Works of Joseph Stella

Carl and Edith Weeks were fans of the Italian/American artist, Joseph Stella, and during their tenure as owners of Salisbury House, collected four of Stella’s paintings – King of the Beggars, Tree of My Life, The Birth of Venus, and Apotheosis of the Rose. Today, the Salisbury House Foundation retains in its collection three beautiful Joseph Stella paintings.…

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