Des Moines

Over There: A Selection from the Armand Broadside

While sorting through the Salisbury House Archives, staff recently came across a number of copies of the Armand Broadside – the Armand Company newsletter. Copies of the Broadside were sent out to “the 37,000 Best Stores in America”, and included articles and ads for various Armand products, testimonials from sellers all over the country, and even longer form articles written by Carl Weeks.

One Broadside contains an article titled “Over There: The short story of Carl’s trip to London and Budapest”. The article stretches across four pages of the newsletter, includes multiple photos from Carl’s trip, and is written in what the staff have come to recognize as Carl’s typical tongue-and-cheek style.

This edition also includes information about Armand window displays and has a full page dedicated to explaining how Armand does not put white lead in their face powder. Check out the full newsletter below.

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