The earliest version of the camera was invented during the 1700s. During the following centuries, it transformed from a rare, coveted product into a mass-produced object. Developments in the 1900s made it possible for even amateurs to take pictures, and now, it is an everyday practice. Carl and Edith Weeks (Carl born in 1876 and Edith born in 1882) lived during this time of lightning speed progress, and their 48-year marriage would capture numerous moments in film. We hope you enjoy this look at their family moments.

Carl Weeks holding Evert on his shoulders,
William looking down from the tree,
and Carl’s brother, Leo, smoking a cigar behind the tree. – c. 1914-1916
Edith Weeks (second from the right) and three unknown women – possibly her sisters-in-law
Lafe, Edith, Buddy, and Bill – c. 1932
Edith Weeks in the 39th Street house
Charles, William, and Evert Weeks c. 1914-1916
Edith and William Weeks – c. 1911
Carl Weeks
Leo and Carl Weeks – Leo is Carl’s younger brother
William, Evert, and Charles Weeks c. 1914-1916
Evert and Edith Weeks
Edith Weeks swimming
Charles Weeks
Charles and his paternal grandmother, Laura Weeks
William Weeks – c. 1911
Evert Weeks and his son Cooper
Edith and Lafayette Weeks – c. 1919
William and Charles Weeks – c. 1911 or 1912

About salisbury4025
Salisbury House was built in the 1920s by cosmetics magnate Carl Weeks and his wife Edith. The home was modeled after the King's House in Salisbury, England, and contains authentic 16th century English oak woodwork, English flintwork and rafters that date back to the time of Shakespeare. Called a "national treasure," Salisbury house is graced with the family's original collection of original artworks, tapestries and antique furnishings.


  1. suspun45 says:

    Fun to see the “library” on 39th Street! Great candid shots!

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